Winners and Nominees from the 2018 Minnesota WebFest

Below are the nominees for the 2018 Minnesota WebFest. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 29, 2018.

2018 Awards Nominees.jpg

Best Action
Nominees: "Challenger", "The Hunted: Encore", "JULIE", "Nemausus"

Best Animation/Puppetry
Nominees: "Multiplex 10", "THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!", "TubeHeads"

Best Comedy
Nominees: "20 Seconds to Live", "Crazy in Love, "OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN", "Science with Sophie", "Theater People", "Todos queríamos matar al presidente"

Best Documentary
Nominees: "1 Minutes Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC", "Crazy Possible, "House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu", "KYNNSTLAH - a series of artist portraits", "Science with Sophie", "Senior Moments"

Best Drama
Nominees: "Anachronisme", "Blue Collar Hustle, "BROTHERS", "The Cadence of Crimson", "Lovers & Others", "Thesha", "Three Trembling Cities"

Best Dramedy
Nominees: "BRUCE THE SERIES", "GIMEL", "Inconceivable", "Mona Lisa Cowboy", "Wrong Kind of Black"

Best Satire/Spoof
Nominees: "Evil Emma", "Female Friendly", "The Hunted: Encore", "The Pantsless Detective", "Soy Ander", "Stage Mums", "StevenBe"

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Nominees: "JULIE", "Kanaga", "NarcoLeap", "Nemausus", "Northbound", "Restoration", "The Spell Tutor", "Tracy Buckles"

Best Sitcom
Nominees: "Darren Has a Breakdown", "Exorsisters", "MH", "Sexy Herpes"

Best Suspense/Thriller
Nominees: "20 Seconds to Live", "In Absentia", "The Pantsless Detective", "Patricia Moore", "Район Тьмы", "Restoration", "Trouble Creek", "Zone 42"

Best Series Pilot
Nominees: "The Girl Code", "HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams", "Hustlebucks", "I DO", "Revenu", "The Taste of Place"

Best Returning Series
Nominees: "Blue Collar Hustle", "Mona Lisa Cowboy", "The Pantsless Detective", "The Spell Tutor"

Best of Minnesota
Nominees: "The Cadence of Crimson", "Crazy in Love", "Evil Emma", "StevenBe", "The Taste of Place", "Theater People"

Best Representation of Women
Nominees: "Exorsisters", "House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu", "I DO", "Inconceivable", "JULIE", "Science with Sophie", "Senior Moments", "Three Trembling Cities", "Tracy Buckles"

Best Representation of LGBTQ Communities
Nominees: "BROTHERS", "Inconceivable", "Senior Moments", "Sexy Herpes", "Theater People"

Best Representation of Communities of Color
Nominees: "1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC", "Blue Collar Hustle", "Mona Lisa Cowboy", "The Taste of Place", "Thesha", "Three Trembling Cities","Wrong Kind of Black"

Best Ensemble Cast
Nominees: "Blue Collar Hustle", "BRUCE THE SERIES", "Exorsisters", "GIMEL", "Hustlebucks", "The Hunted: Encore", "Northbound", "Sexy Herpes", "Theater People", "Todos queríamos matar al president", "Zone 42"

Best Set Design
Nominees: "20 Seconds to Live", "BRUCE THE SERIES", "The Girl Code", "Nemausus", "OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN", "The Pantsless Detective", "Restoration", "Revenu", "Wrong Kind of Black"

Best Original Music
Nominees: "The Hunted: Encore", "Nemausus", "Northbound", "The Pantsless Detective", "Soy Ander"

Best Cinematography
Nominees: "20 Seconds to Live" (George Feucht), "Anachronisme" (Nicolò Cappello), "BRUCE THE SERIES" (Marin Johnson), "Crazy Possible" (Dicky Dahl), "KYNNSTLAH - a series of artist portraits" (Joel Fendelman and Sandra Bertalanffy), "Nemausus" (Maxime Roux), "OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN" (Brian Zahm), "Restoration" (Hugh Turral), "Revenu" (Philippe St-Gelais), "Sexy Herpes" (Sky Davies), "The Taste of Place", "THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!" (Jason Hargreaves), "Wrong Kind of Black" (Eric Murray Lui)

Best Comedic Performance
Nominees: "BRUCE THE SERIES" (Richard Davies), "HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams" (Nick Wilson), "MH" (Amandine Hervé-Pouchet), "Mona Lisa Cowboy" (Atsushi Otsaga), "Nemausus" (Clement Mauger), "Nemausus" (Alexiane Torres), "OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN" (Atra Asdou), "The Pantsless Detective" (Tom Chamberlain), "Theater People" (Stacia Rice), "Tracy Buckles" (Ana Lake)

Best Dramatic Performance
Nominees: "BROTHERS" (Syd Michael Robinson), "The Cadence of Crimson" (Tessa Meath), "I DO" (Nathalie Schmidt), "Kanaga" (Mehmet Günsür), "Nemausus" (Yohan Genin), "Patricia Moore" (Marlo Kelly), "Restoration" (Stephen Carracher), "Todos queríamos matar al presidente" (Ana Caldas)

Best Director
Nominees: "20 Seconds to Live" (Ben Rock), "BROTHERS" (Sheyam Ghieth and Emmett Jack Lundberg), "BRUCE THE SERIES" (Tony Rogers), "Crazy Possible" (Dicky Dahl), "GIMEL" (Assaf Machnes and Miki Fromchenko), "KYNNSTLAH - a series of artist portraits" (Joel Fendelman and Sandra Bertalanffy), "Lovers & Others" (Mark Arellano), "MH" (Amandine Hervé-Pouchet), "Nemausus" (Quentin Uriel), "Restoration" (Stuart Willis), "Trouble Creek" (Stacey K. Black and Shea E. Butler), "Wrong Kind of Black" (Catriona McKenzie), "Zone 42" (Thomas Desenne)