The Minnesota WebFest Privacy Policy

Minnesota WebFest Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and do not share information with strange people.

Though we do not sell data to third parties, there are instances in which we share data with the Web Series World Cup and partner festivals in support of your work. This privacy policy describes those scenarios and what they mean to you.

Unauthenticated Visitors

Personally identifying information we capture:

  • IP address used to access the site

If you simply visit this web site, we send usage information to Google Analytics to help us better understand how the site is being used. While we are not trying to collect any personally identifying information, this usage information does contain IP addresses and, of course, is being stored with Google.

We do not track any other information about unauthenticated users unless an unauthenticated user attempts to access a resource they should not. In that situation, we log the IP address and information about the illegal access attempt.

We do not currently have an authentication capability.

Retention Policy

We retain all information except security audit logs for the lifetime of the site unless you exercise your right to be forgotten. Since we do not authenticate users yet, there is no need to exercise a right to be forgotten!

Data Sharing

As already noted, we do not sell information to third parties. Nevertheless, there are circumstances under which we submit information to third parties because they are providing services to us that require your data. We try to enumerate the information and the third parties here, but it may not be complete.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the software we use to analyze web traffic. Any time someone visits a page, your browser will submit information about your page visit to Google Analytics. This is common among most sites on the Internet.
Mailing List Software
We may push your information to our mailing list software (Mailchimp) when you sign up for our mailing list. Any emails we send will provide you with a mechanism for unsubscribing. We promise to honor your desire to be unsubscribed.
The WSWC and Partner Festivals
We share information about our selections, nominees, and winners with the Web Series World Cup to help them manage series rankings. We also share selection information with some partner festivals to help them make direct selections.