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Abulivia is a neologism that means "away from the olive trees".
Since Italy was unified, things have not been very good for the south of the nation.
It has been plundered of all its wealth and has gradually become the poorest area of the country.
So for about 160 years many people have been seeking fortune in the rich north of Italy where they are sometimes exploited, but abandoning their beautiful homeland.

Abulivia wants to tell the story of one of these guys from the south, who returned to his country of origins to help his family in the traditional olives harvest that takes place every year in the months from november to january.
The protagonist of the story is a high school graduate, a multiple graduate and has even attended very expensive masters, but in the northern Italy the only job he has found is in a call center. The visit to his native land will represent a catharsis for him,
as it is in his agricultural work that he will discover his roots and the beauty of a lost world in which there are still values.

All the storytelling revolves around emptiness, void understood both in the Buddhist sense but also in the sense of lack of values.
A sad man stares at a large hole in the ground, it is all that remains of a beautiful tree with immense foliage that stood there the day before.
The old farmer tells the camera how a monumental olive tree was stolen by bad people who sell all the trees in the south to the north,
The farmer tried to defend the tree but the bad guys beat him.
They then resold the olive tree to wealthy gentlemen who live in the north and wanted to beautify their garden.
But we know the climate of the north is not suitable for this type of trees so they are doomed to death, while the south is increasingly impoverished.
From: Italy
Produced In: Italy

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