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Actual Play Podcasts
An Actual Play Podcast is a style of podcast in which the podcasters engage in a real role-playing scenario for your entertainment. This block contains the 2022 Actual Play Official Selections for Minnesota WebFest.
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Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

A podcast of a dad introducing Dungeons & Dragons to his eight-year-old twin daughters. With adventures that have been ongoing for the last 4 years, Sam and Birdie have taken their characters across different worlds, other planes of existence, and through time! Joined by a rotating guest player, and later filled permanently by the girls’ mother Jill, the group known as the Three Musketeers take us on an epic adventure to save the world. Filled with laughs, tears, and chips and salsa, Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters is a story unlike anything you’ve heard before.
6 minutes
Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast is horrifyingly pleased to present an excerpt from our larger story entitled “Thalassophobia.”

Ahoy, maties, and welcome aboard The Charlotte! We’re taking this podcast onto the high seas and back to the long-ago year of 1994. Join the Penn Family Salvage crew as they attempt to recover a very unusual treasure for a very unusual client. Featuring Captain Eugene Penn, who’s looking for a treasure of his own; Henry Hornwiffle, who’s looking for a whale shark; and Billie, who’s looking to blow some stuff up.

Detailed audio credits can be found at https://dandbpod.com/audiocredits/112
30 minutes
The Die As Cast Podcast The Die As Cast Podcast

The Die As Cast Podcast

Welcome to a brand new Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play Podcast. Join Diego Stredel, Emma Brager, Madeline Hunter Smith and Griffin Cork as they are led through the post-apocalyptic Wasted West, found in Midgard from Kobold Press. Missing parents, kissing wizards, and hissing vampires - our cast of characters dive into DM Kevin Cork's twisted mind as he tries to pretend like one of the player characters isn't his son.
44 minutes
Quest Friends! Quest Friends!

Quest Friends!

Skeletons! Zombies! Angry, angry mushrooms! Even the most average day is filled with excitement when the afterlife is only a plane ride away.

Join five best friends as they tell improvised tabletop adventures in a ghostly world inspired by cartoons like Amphibia, The Owl House, and Gravity Falls.
116 minutes
Doomed To Repeat Doomed To Repeat

Doomed To Repeat

Doomed To Repeat is an actual-play podcast that builds an improvisational horror story using the Ennie award-winning tabletop roleplaying game, Delta Green.

The story centers around six "agents" working for the secret US government conspiracy known as Delta Green. For nearly a century this conspiracy has sacrificed countless agents to fight against very real unnatural horrors. These Eldritch truths must be kept hidden from the world at all costs.

However, when your organization's motto is "Scientia Mors Est" (knowledge is death) the bookkeeping can get messy and the unnatural is never truly understood.

That is, until our agents are assigned by their case officer to a new project known as operational PERENNIAL. The objective is simple; piece together the sordid history of their organization in order to better understand the vectors they face and how to stop them. After all, if we can't learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it.

The submission provided is episode 1 of arc 1 in which the agents investigate a recently deceased retired agent who may hold clues that can help their operation. It is a good example of the strong sound design, the compelling interplay between players, and ratcheting tension consistent throughout the entire show.

Doomed To Repeat has recently completed a second arc and due to popular demand, a third arc is in the works.
150 minutes

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