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222 E Superior St
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
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Block #1
Block #1 kicks off the in-person screenings at Zeitgeist 2 cinemas in downtown Duluth.
Complete Time Travel Guide / Denboran Bidaiatzeko Gida Osoa Complete Time Travel Guide / Denboran Bidaiatzeko Gida Osoa

Complete Time Travel Guide / Denboran Bidaiatzeko Gida Osoa

Three friends meet at their usual bar and a severe confinement is declared, one which will force them to stay inside the bar the whole night. But when they smoke in the back part and come back to the bar everything seems to have changed: they have travelled in time!
12 minutes


What do you do when you cancel your wedding not once but twice due to a global pandemic? Then what do you do when you get pregnant right as your would-be-husband is about to return home to the other side of the world?

ReCANCELLED is a relationship drama – a story about two people caught between two very different worlds while pregnant during a pandemic.
16 minutes
Recife is an egg Recife is an egg

Recife is an egg

In "Recife is an egg", Alice is dating João Victor, still loving Helena, who is just back to town to be João Victor's boss.

"Recife is an egg" is a very popular saying in Recife city, Brazil. In spite of being a capital state, we feel that the city is so small that everyone knows each other, and maybe have dated the same people.
9 minutes
Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot) Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot)

Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot)

Lily brings best friend Millie along to her acting class hoping she might make new friends, while there they hear about a big Hollywood movie filming in Melbourne that's casting soon!
12 minutes
Marcellus Hall an Artist in New York City Marcellus Hall an Artist in New York City

Marcellus Hall an Artist in New York City

Marcellus Hall's vibrant illustrations can be found throughout well-known periodicals and books including The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Time, and The Cow Loves Cookies (Simon & Schuster 2010). Also an indie musician with his bands Railroad Jerk (Matador Records), White Hassle (Glacial Pace Records), and his solo project, he starts his career in New York City and falls deeply in love with it, intoxicated by its never-ending inspirations and possibilities. He’s recorded the city as well as the ups and downs of his personal life for years through his art and music, which are featured seamlessly throughout episodes. This award winning short series documents his creative journey from being seven-years-old drawing pictures to a successful working artist, and all the stages in between.
10 minutes
Destructozhanna Destructozhanna


Zhanna is a pretty young woman, around 25-30 years old, a “girl-next-door” type. She shows no signs of big-city glamour, hotshot career, or strong character. She has a husband, two children, and an ordinary life in a Moscow apartment. The only thing that makes her different is her ability to read what other people’s thoughts and move objects with the power of mind. So, she becomes an intelligence super-agent.
Zhanna is confronted by hapless CIA agents who are also trying to recruit Zhanna.
They don’t give up hope even after Zhanna uses her superpowers on them.
8 minutes
Sloppy Jones Sloppy Jones

Sloppy Jones

Sloppy Jones is a short form slasher comedy series about three queer Gen-Zillenial servers working at Sloppy Jones Grill: RORY, a free spirited people pleaser; HARPER, a book-smart, bisexual bartender; and THOMAS, a calculating b*tch. This Unholy Trinity’s world is upended when they discover the severed torso of their dirtbag boss FRANK JONES in the freezer, just as DEBORAH, Frank's estranged wife, makes a perfectly timed entrance into their lives. Now every single one of them looks guilty and no one is safe until the trio find out- Who killed Frank…and who will they kill next?
8 minutes
Slippery Business Slippery Business

Slippery Business

What happens when sex won't sell?

Faced with bankruptcy, the painfully optimistic owner of Sindy's adult store must host an illegal operation for an evil company in the hope of keeping his business afloat.
11 minutes Due to geographic restrictions, this content is not available in Australia, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, and Ireland.
Sirens Sirens


When Faye and her best friend Anna go away for their ‘schoolies’ week, Anna promises to help Faye lose her virginity. But when their games go too far, and a local boy is left injured, Faye must decide who can be trusted in order to escape with her innocence.

Exploring themes of sexual agency, empowerment, identity and friendship, 'Sirens' is a 7 x 10 minute coming of age drama series for the modern girl. Set amongst the beautifully eerie landscapes of the NSW Great Lakes region, be submerged in a dark and exhilarating story of sexual awakening.
11 minutes

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