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Block #2
After a short break, our Duluth programming continues with the selections of our second screening block.
The Daily - Pilot The Daily - Pilot

The Daily - Pilot

A college newspaper reporter discovers a conspiracy at her university, and must maneuver the politics of journalism to get the story out into the world.
12 minutes
The Skylark Bell The Skylark Bell

The Skylark Bell

Magpie has just moved to the outskirts of a small town called Pocket. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to a nearby abandoned farm called Meadow Lane, but whisperings in the village say the property is cursed with a mysterious, oppressive silence. Magpie herself is cursed with recurring psychic visions that seem to be connected to the farm somehow. With the help of her neighbour Lucas, Magpie tries to untangle the strings of fact and fiction. A strange old woman from the village, Farfalla, appears to be the key to it all... but things are not what they seem in the quaint, quiet little town of Pocket, and magpie finds herself more and more tangled in its history as she strives to save its future.

The Skylark Bell is a fiction podcast in serial format written, hosted, and produced by Melissa Oliveri. Each episode contains one chapter of the story. Additionally, once per month on "Fantôme Friday" Melissa recounts a real-life paranormal experience.

This podcast is for lovers of ghost stories, psychic visions, time travel, the unexplained and the supernatural.
11 minutes
Grading Animals w/ JKAPS Grading Animals w/ JKAPS

Grading Animals w/ JKAPS

Grading Animals w/ JKAPS will tell you everything you never knew about animals: what they are, how they have sex, and most importantly, what their A thru F elementary school letter grade is.
33 minutes
Weirdos Weirdos


Weirdos is a female-driven teen drama series exploring the struggles faced by Charlotte, a plus-size teen girl who is relentlessly tormented and bullied by a group of teenagers in high school. With the help of a new student, Sam, she finds her inner strength and finally stands up for herself. Thanks to kindness, Charlotte not only changes the direction of her life but also that of her bullies.

Weirdos weaves an intricate and heart wrenching story of teenage life that deeply resonates with young teens across the globe. To date, it has garnered 5 millions views on YouTube and tens of millions on other social media platforms.
13 minutes
Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4 Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4

Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4

Hogtown is a 7 episodes webseries.

The story follows the journey of a single-parent family, coping with Toronto’s increasing housing precariousness. When Manuela,16, and her family are threatened to be evicted from their apartment by a real estate developer, she decides to fight back, in hopes of remaining in her neighbourhood.
14 minutes
The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind) The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind)

The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind)

Every afternoon, a young girl and a boy meet in front of a llama's enclosure to talk about their lives. Hanna dreams of having the llama’s strength and wisdom. She sees the llama as a fallen king with only one thing on his mind: leaving this place and returning to his kingdom. Adam suffers from a visual hypersensitivity; too sensitive to constantly be admiring the beauty of the world, he has to close his eyes to avoid having seizures.
A teenage girl and a pre-teen boy lost surrounded by adults still seeking their true self. Laura, Hanna's mother, on the verge of depression. Ivan, her stepfather, unable to communicate his feelings. Kristen, Adam's mother, stuck in a fixed mindset. The Wolf, the repentant hunter who wanders in the woods...
The llama's enclosure will become a safe place, sheltered from the outside world. A refuge where two very different beings, Hanna and Adam, will form, over Frank the llama, a bond that will wake up their awareness of their own singularities. Through each other' s eyes, they will realise that their differences are true gifts to face life’s challenges. At night, before the starry sky, Frank reflects on the daily discussions.
19 minutes
Night Witches Night Witches

Night Witches

Once fate brings together three women in one place, each of whom, to a greater or lesser extent, experienced domestic violence from men. The girls decide to take revenge on their offenders. First, they decide to do it with the help of the law. They understand that in order to carry out this venture a lot of time and effort, so they choose a different path. In their opinion, the life of each of them was ruined by a man, so they intend to destroy their usual way of life. But implementing this plan is not so easy.
15 minutes
Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast is horrifyingly pleased to present an excerpt from our larger story entitled “Thalassophobia.”

Ahoy, maties, and welcome aboard The Charlotte! We’re taking this podcast onto the high seas and back to the long-ago year of 1994. Join the Penn Family Salvage crew as they attempt to recover a very unusual treasure for a very unusual client. Featuring Captain Eugene Penn, who’s looking for a treasure of his own; Henry Hornwiffle, who’s looking for a whale shark; and Billie, who’s looking to blow some stuff up.

Detailed audio credits can be found at https://dandbpod.com/audiocredits/112
30 minutes
Romp Romp


Jade, Michael and Stacey - a trio of young, queer, and amorous housemates - pursue love and happiness, but instead blunder their way through life in Sydney's heterosexual-flexible dating scene.
16 minutes

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