Short-Form Pilots

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Short-Form Pilots
Though most people think of the pilot as the first episode of a series, it can be any episode designed to make people want to watch more. The purpose of the pilot can be to help the creators raise money or get other support for doing a complete season. Sometimes the goal of the pilot of simply to raise interest in a season that is about to be release.

In this virtual screening block, watch the short-form (less than 15 minutes) pilots from our pilots competition.
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Avocado Toast there series SEASON 2 Avocado Toast there series SEASON 2

Avocado Toast there series SEASON 2

With Molly and Elle’s friendship left hanging in question, we start season 2 with Molly in London, England facing both her heartbreak from ‘The One’ and her new endometriosis/adenomyosis diagnoses. Back in Toronto, Elle has found herself a member of “Community”, a retreat where she went to recoup after a nervous breakdown. What was meant to be a 2-week mental health break is now going on 5 months... and the fact that it is definitely a cult is clear to everyone but Elle. Meanwhile, the ambitious Jordan has been juggling the ad agency he and Elle had started on his own. But when a high-stakes client requires him to go retrieve Elle he finds a very different version of his old workaholic/party-girl friend. In the meantime, Molly returns to Toronto and must learn how to ask for help in order to receive the surgery and support that she needs and Elle feels like everyone who ever loved her in the real world has abandoned her, and turns all of her co-dependant tendencies to “Community”. As Molly and Elle navigate their unseen illnesses and their paths continue to diverge, a permanent friendship-breakup seems inevitable... or could their paths to self-discovery bring them back together?
14 minutes
Lyubushka Lyubushka


The young lieutenant's mission is under threat. The regiment is broken up, there are only 30 fighters in it. But the soldier is not lost, he leads the regiment, orders to unfurl the banner and goes
into the unknown to the sounds of the choir performing “Lyubushka”.
10 minutes
Slippery Business Slippery Business

Slippery Business

What happens when sex won't sell?

Faced with bankruptcy, the painfully optimistic owner of Sindy's adult store must host an illegal operation for an evil company in the hope of keeping his business afloat.
11 minutes Due to geographic restrictions, this content is not available in Australia, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, and Ireland.
Real Laws in Real Places Real Laws in Real Places

Real Laws in Real Places

Joyce and Tammy find themselves on house arrest after breaking a law they didn't know existed. They figure out their next move as they and their cohorts from the cheese factory are interviewed in this mockumentary about silly laws around the United States.
4 minutes
The Daily - Pilot The Daily - Pilot

The Daily - Pilot

A college newspaper reporter discovers a conspiracy at her university, and must maneuver the politics of journalism to get the story out into the world.
12 minutes
The Grind The Grind

The Grind

A comedy anthology series centred around a pair of hipster baristas at a neighbourhood coffee shop, as they observe (and meddle) in the lives of their unique group of regulars.
11 minutes
Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot) Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot)

Life, Camera, Awkward (Pilot)

Lily brings best friend Millie along to her acting class hoping she might make new friends, while there they hear about a big Hollywood movie filming in Melbourne that's casting soon!
12 minutes
Mid-to-Late Mid-to-Late


A woman hurtling toward a social media-fueled midlife crisis struggles to live up to the expectations of money, marriage, and babies. She drifts to booze and one night stands to avoid facing her age and her mother's deteriorating mental health.
From the mind of Chicago comic Lindsey Shaw.
8 minutes


The art and the way to keep cosmic fit.
2 minutes
Ruby Ruby


When Ruby's father is murdered, her aunt trains her as an assassin to avenge his death.
8 minutes
Destructozhanna Destructozhanna


Zhanna is a pretty young woman, around 25-30 years old, a “girl-next-door” type. She shows no signs of big-city glamour, hotshot career, or strong character. She has a husband, two children, and an ordinary life in a Moscow apartment. The only thing that makes her different is her ability to read what other people’s thoughts and move objects with the power of mind. So, she becomes an intelligence super-agent.
Zhanna is confronted by hapless CIA agents who are also trying to recruit Zhanna.
They don’t give up hope even after Zhanna uses her superpowers on them.
8 minutes
Gay, Asian, Immigrant Gay, Asian, Immigrant

Gay, Asian, Immigrant

When a privileged Gay, Asian, Immigrant lands a job by perpetuating a harmful stereotype, he must keep up the lie in front of his potential lover when his boss shows up at his doorstep.
11 minutes

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